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Max 8 people
Boat rental from Sorrento (how to get there)

The extraordinary protagonist of your maritime adventures along the Amalfi Coast and Capri is the magnificent Protagon 25, a boat that embodies excellence in design, versatility and comfort. The cabin is a treasure chest of comfort, offering you shelter from the summer sun and an intimate space where you can relax while admiring the breathtaking views that only the Amalfi Coast and Capri can offer. The Protagon 25 can carry up to 8 passengers and is equipped with a 300 HP engine. Therefore, a nautical license is required to sail aboard the Protagon 25 or the presence of a skipper. The cost of fuel according to consumption must be added to the daily price.

You can request a skipper on board for a cost of €120 per day.

It is also possible to rent the boat with skipper and fuel included, for standard excursions (from 10am to 6pm) with departure and arrival from the port of Sorrento. You can explore the wonders offered by the Campania sea and its islands, comfortably aboard the Protagon 25




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Check-In 10 am

Check-Out 6 pm

Deposit amount* 300,00 €

Fuel not included

Boat license required

Skipper on request

Minimum age required 18 years

*The amount of the deposit, defined and sent to the customer in the summary via email, will be collected on the day of check-in

Wesailin protects your bookings

with Europ Assistance's Charter Sereno "trip cancellation" policy

Self drive bareboat charter

Boat rental with crew

Payments on Wesailin are handled by third-party vendors: you can pay by credit card through STRIPE or PayPal, request a 3 installment payment link from us with Scalapay, or even send a bank transfer.

To change a reservation you can simply write an email to info@wesailin.com or send a whatsapp to +39.380.8953546: our customer office will be at your disposal to change or cancel your reservation.

Wesailin only offers boats from professional charter companies, which, in order to be posted on Wesailin, must have compliance with current regulations as a prerequisite.

After making your payment you will receive your reservation voucher with all the information to reach the boat and arrange check-in. Our departure base is Sorrento but we are also available to quote departure from other ports in the area.

Reservation is immediate for most boats, only some will be notified of availability in a short time.

The rental price usually includes the cost of the boat, travel and cancellation insurance (5 percent per day), and interior and exterior equipment. Not included in the price are landing fee, fuel and extra like hostess or skipper (if not provided by the boat type).

It depends. For some type of boats, a boat license is not mandatory but cannot be rented to those without boat driving experience. However, there is always the possibility of requesting, subject to availability, a skipper on board.

To rent a boat, you must be of legal age (18). If you have a boat license, it must be valid and you must have a certain level of boating experience.

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